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I'm a virtual world resident; I build, I organise, blog and play with server software (so far whitecore sim and opensim).

Second steps in TAG

I just got my first region on TAG grid. I’m celebrating by showing off my mad building skills to make a crude “Obelisk” (which I’ll refine later). Let’s get to it! Advertisements

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Assorted updates

I’ve set things out in Janus, and still have plenty of LI to work with! Here is what the ground level looks like today, March 9th, 2019; Note that the banlines on the eastern side are still very much there. … Continue reading

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Ooo ah; mother should I build a wall?

tldr -I realize that throwing up walls is a bit on the “fuck you” side; but then again so are banlines, in my opinion. Maybe I should back up a bit. I’ve left Funadama -for good. I was out of … Continue reading

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Flashbacks and resignations

Last night I completely flipped my shit. Why? It goes back to July, 2010. I’d been back in SL for 8 months and was starting to find my groove. I had looked up my 2005 “trial account”s name and, after … Continue reading

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Day of breakthroughs

Blender’s a bitch; but it’s less of one now. I had a ton of breakthroughs, so many I’m afraid I’ll end up forgetting them. So I’m writing a quick blog to note what I did and learned today. 1) Today … Continue reading

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Pride And Petulance

Being the Chancellor of the Confederation Of Democratic Simulators (CDS) is a lot of work. Those who have taken on its’ mantle should be applauded and thanked. There is very little recompense in that job. No pay, little expressed gratitude … Continue reading

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