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I'm a virtual world resident; I build, I organise, blog and play with server software (so far whitecore sim and opensim).

Assorted updates

I’ve set things out in Janus, and still have plenty of LI to work with! Here is what the ground level looks like today, March 9th, 2019; Note that the banlines on the eastern side are still very much there. … Continue reading

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Ooo ah; mother should I build a wall?

tldr -I realize that throwing up walls is a bit on the “fuck you” side; but then again so are banlines, in my opinion. Maybe I should back up a bit. I’ve left Funadama -for good. I was out of … Continue reading

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Flashbacks and resignations

Last night I completely flipped my shit. Why? It goes back to July, 2010. I’d been back in SL for 8 months and was starting to find my groove. I had looked up my 2005 “trial account”s name and, after … Continue reading

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Day of breakthroughs

Blender’s a bitch; but it’s less of one now. I had a ton of breakthroughs, so many I’m afraid I’ll end up forgetting them. So I’m writing a quick blog to note what I did and learned today. 1) Today … Continue reading

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Pride And Petulance

Being the Chancellor of the Confederation Of Democratic Simulators (CDS) is a lot of work. Those who have taken on its’ mantle should be applauded and thanked. There is very little recompense in that job. No pay, little expressed gratitude … Continue reading

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Challenged -again!

I’m horrible about keeping up any sort of blog -always have been. For that reason I loved Strawberry Singh’s “Monday Memes” when I caught them. She (understandably!) got too busy to keep them up but now she’s announced she’s going … Continue reading

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