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I'm a virtual world resident; I build, I organise, blog and play with server software (so far whitecore sim and opensim).

Personal revelations

This is going to be short; even though I have a LOT on my mind it’s not really coming out very well. I thought I had sorted out the trans issue in the early 90’s. I’d make an ugly woman, … Continue reading

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Inbox tantrum

So, this idiot named “Tenshi” posted their region on Opensimworld. The merits of OSW are debatable, but that’s neither here nor there. Tenshi put a “#” sign in front of their region name which made it unfindable either over the … Continue reading

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I stuck my neck out for the HG community

And all I got was a knife in the back!

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And Then There Were Three …

I’ve done a bit on TAG grid the last few days. I gave up on the temple idea (or have I?) and have done a little research into what mansions were like in Ancient egypt. I went premium, which includes … Continue reading

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Neuanzere Status Report – 5 Aug 2019

I’ve managed to get a little bit done on the Neuanzere Project, despite the heatwave and despite the mechanizations of Bad Gov Lurch and other RL distractions. Shortly after I decided to restart the project a couple of things happened: … Continue reading

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Blue Plaster Wall settings

Filterforge 6, tweaking “Medieval House Walls” (by Totte) filter for the game. This has a lot of potential for re-use, in particular I think that setting “wall roughness” to zero gave the plaster a much more realistic texture than it … Continue reading

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Bringing sexy^h^h^h^h Neuanzere back

Alaska is imploding -that means I’m going to be back to eating ramen in real life. That also means that I’m going to have to make drastic adjustments to my budget. When I posted that on FB, Hya offered me … Continue reading

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