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Whitestar’s portal script works with iwTeleportAgent

Quick note -I rented a full sim in inworldz and was able to get Whitestar Magic’s portal script to work by simply replacing “osTelepo” with “iwTelepo” …now THAT’s portability! I haven’t done extensive testing but I expect it to work. … Continue reading

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Opensim has too much drama? Sure, maybe…

In response to people’s reaction to the youtube narcissist (the one who’s been banned from SLU) someone posted that opensim has “too much drama and too little professionalism”. I wrote this originally in response to that but then decided I … Continue reading

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Han Held’s Tuscan house

There’s a fair amount going on right now, meaning since the beginning of the year. I expanded my build in Funadama, and I’m slowly taking a stab at remaking the areas that were there in 2007-ish. Through a series of … Continue reading

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