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Holy freakin’ crap -I’m on the Hypergrid!

Hypergrid = True …that’s all it took, in my opensim.ini file. And now I’m on the hypergrid. What that means, roughly, is that I can TP to any hg-connected from my own home regions. So I can use my cut-and-paste-from-notecard … Continue reading

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Suddenly…visitors from another world!

I spent the day today in osgrid, and what an odd day it was, too. I haven’t felt it myself, but I’m aware of an elitist air towards newbies in osgrid, or at least I’ve heard complaints to that effect. … Continue reading

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Time for a break?

I think it may be time for me to break from SL, for a few different reasons. Policy: Linden Lab is going in several directions that are reducing my enjoyment of Secondlife. One is minor, the other major. The minor … Continue reading

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