Day of breakthroughs

Blender’s a bitch; but it’s less of one now. I had a ton of breakthroughs, so many I’m afraid I’ll end up forgetting them. So I’m writing a quick blog to note what I did and learned today.

1) Today I joined some cubes to use the boolean operator to cut holes in a wall. THe last one wouldn’t work so I made a smaller wall section, cut out the “windows” i was trying to make, then copied and stacked the copies.

2) Thanks to a post by Mareta Dagostino, I learned how to add textures; go into edit mode, select faces, add materials, then use the ‘select’ buttons.

3) Then I learned about how to optimize faces by selecting them and hitting delete and picking “soft dissolve”.

4) After an error, I learned how to fix triangle problems by hitting mesh -> clean up -> degenerate dissolve (cleans up bad triangles).

5) Hyacinth had a “dress” she’d made with no internal faces, so I learned how to make those by using the solidify modifier.

6) Next, I added different textures onto different groups of faces, and those groups of faces were preserved when I took them into OpenSim. 🙂

7)I took a stab at uvmapping/unwrapping; that was a failure but I’ll read and re-read these:



…and hope that eventually scales will fall from my eyes; or at least uvmaps 🙂

I think I’m going to end up going into the clothing business…at least the free clothing business :p

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Pride And Petulance

Being the Chancellor of the Confederation Of Democratic Simulators (CDS) is a lot of work. Those who have taken on its’ mantle should be applauded and thanked.

There is very little recompense in that job. No pay, little expressed gratitude (just the opposite from what I’m told) and at this late date almost no chance of leaving your own imprint upon the CDS.

What that job lacks in pay it makes up for in time (that it demands), what it lacks in gratitude it makes up for in stress and duplicitous BS and dramas that must be waded through or resolved.

I have not been Chancellor, tho I have run a failed campaign. I considered the job for months before taking the plunge and running (initially deciding against it, then reading Rosie’s eloquent post and changing my mind).

The campaign went well, but regardless I lost. Receiving less than a dozen votes I can only look at the results as a statement of no-confidence in both my ability to perform the job, and in my vision of the future …I have to see it as a disagreement with my goals.

In short; what I’m selling the CDS ain’t buyin.

That doesn’t just sting, I’ll be honest kicks like a mule. I had expected Rosie to win and she is the better candidate. Regardless, I am hurt by the lack of support that I received (in terms of votes and otherwise).

As the title says …I am petulant and my pride is bruised…but I’m still standing. This entry isn’t just to bitch and whine, however. I have a more practical reason for it …it’s a note to my future self, a reminder.

We will reach another point in the future (fall 2018 elections? Spring 2019?) where there are no candidates to run for Chancellor …and I’ll be tempted to run. And to do so would be a very, very bad idea.

I am writing this to remind my future self of what I feel now, and to point out that having an office is not the same as having a mandate. If I can only win by running unopposed, that is not a win.

And if I do not have a mandate and genuine support that means the stress and frustration that goes with the job are simply not worth it.

Particularly since I will receive no joy in exchange for taking on that heavy burden. I will leave no mark nor implement any meaningful changes.

I have asked if folks support me, and I have gotten my answer -in the negative.

I have to accept that answer and move forward and either find or create a different avenue to channel my hopes and my ambitions into. On that level, I’ve got nothing coming from the CDS.

I am not leaving the CDS, however. I have paid my tier several months in advance, and I am happily on the Estate management team …and when I’m inworld I will make myself available to help out.

At the same time, I am beginning to lay the groundwork of a project where I will be able tangibly bring about many parts of the platform I ran on. Obviously this will be outside of the context of the CDS’ government (so things such as government hour don’t apply). But other parts of my platform will go forward.

As I lay the groundwork, I am putting out feelers and looking for participants and ideas. I don’t know when we’ll begin (I am giving this 6 months to take shape, tho I expect it’ll be much less) but when we begin …it will be on my property in the CDS.

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Challenged -again!

I’m horrible about keeping up any sort of blog -always have been. For that reason I loved Strawberry Singh’s “Monday Memes” when I caught them. She (understandably!) got too busy to keep them up but now she’s announced she’s going to be doing them again at least somewhat regularly. Also, they’re no longer “memes” but “Secondlife Challenges”.

So hopefully that means I’ll be blogging again too …at least sometimes. 🙂

This week her challenge is to post your own “seven secondlife facts” -so here’s mine.

  • Han Held is actually my second account -my first was named Randall Harker, who I tooled around on in during the summer of 2005.
  • Since 2011 I’ve been back in the same spot I started in back in 2005
  • I don’t work in SL, I don’t feel like it’s worth the stress (also why play SL if it’s stressful?); I’d rather just dump a few bucks into the game.
  • I’ve been in the same SL families since 2011, and rely a lot on their support
  • I live in Alaska IRL and SL finally “clicked” for me in 2009 when I realized how helpful it could be in fighting “seasonal affective disorder” and cabin fever
  • I hate shopping in SL, the whole process annoys the out of me. MP makes it better, but not enough.
  • In 2012 I helped a friend start a clothing business. It didn’t go anywhere, but from time to time I contemplate grabbing clothing templates and having another go at it…


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An artist is I

Well, at least kinda sorta.

I had two reasons for wanting to learn makehuman.

One was to have a mesh avi in opensim -got that sorted now.

The other reason was so that I can make statues -without spending decades learning how to sculpt.

So I set up a model in makehuman, exported it to blender with the mhx2 plugin, did some posing in blender and exported it to colloda and thus:

Ulrika Facepalm 22May2017_001

A tribute that speaks volumes …mostly wondering wtf

I had to dink around a bit -the original skirt was much too short, undignifiedly so considering who this is;


and considering her reaction to my builds 😉

Of course either version is a far cry from my original;


With a few red prims, a few wood planks, I made a place to stand…


But fixing the skirt proved suprisingly easy -I exported it to colloda and loaded it in Blender. In blender I just went into edit mode, selected faces, copied, pasted and the skirt was longer. Then I realized I could stretch the faces on the blouse and stretch them (instead of copying) and I was set.

My prim statues are probably more clever …doing more with less, after all… but my little “makehuman cheat” opens up a lot more opportunities to me and lets me do a lot more, a lot quicker.

I’m not sure if you’d call it art (although Zappa said that Art is anything you can frame), but it’s close enough for me.

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Getting a grip on makehuman

I originally wrote this on G+ as a quick guide for my good friend Leighton Marjoram. However, I have a mind like a sieve so I’d better post it here too -for future reference, if nothing else!

+Leighton Marjoram…I suspect you’re way ahead of me on all this; but all the same I’ll type out the workflow I’ve figured out.

First, I grabbed from this post: and put it into the makehuman\v1\data folder (overwriting what was there).

Then I grabbed makehuman and blender (again) -Makehuman 1.1.1 works ok for me.

I edited the figure to be as close as I could get it and then set the geometry to use opensim rigging. I did that by clicking the “pose/animate” tab and then picking the “skeleton” tab and picking the “opensim” item from the rig list on the right of the screen.

After that, I went to poses and selected the T pose (click the ‘rest’ box and the t pose will be the only one left).

To export, click ‘files’ then ‘export’ and change the following settings;
*mesh format:* colloda (dae)
*options:* feet on the ground
*orientation:* Z up, face X
*Bone Orientation:* local = global
*Scale Units:* meters

and saved it to a dae file.

I load this file in blender and then immediate export it to a different collada file. I’m not sure but it seems like blender adjusts the model during conversion and I’ve had better luck loading it in opensim …even tho it seems like a gratuitous, extra step.

When exporting I simple pick “SL + Open Sim Rigged”, type a new name, then hit ‘export’.

For importing, I guide the mesh uploader to the blender exported file and pick “avatar attachment” from the “this model represents” drop-down menu.

I pick “high” under the physics tab and click ‘analyze’.

Then I go to ‘upload options’. I don’t bother uploading textures (it doesn’t seem to work -probably because of something I’m neglecting to do in blender?) but I check the “include skin weight” and “include joint posistion” boxes. I do NOT check the lock scale option -it seems to result in deformed avatars (at least for me).

Mind you all of this “works for me” *…today.* That might change tomorrow; I’m still figuring things out. But I’ve uploaded a few avatars and this should give you a general workflow to work from -even if you need to tweak a few things here and there.

[Update] I should mention a few things here:

Number one -this process is still very much something I’m figuring out. For instance, sometimes something will upload, sometimes it won’t -sometimes it’ll upload if I reload it. I’m still perfecting this/working out the bugs so this should be taken as a **general** guide.

After uploading, you should attatch the object to your *Avatar Center* attachment position.

If you don’t have a full body alpha layer -this is the time to create one. It should be easy to do (in firestorm it is, at least).

After you’ve got it attached, click on the object’s link in “worn” and click “edit”. You’re going to need to find the textures that go with the dae from makehuman. they should be in makehuman\data\v1\exports\graphics …or wherever you saved the dae file at. From there you’ll have to upload the textures you need and then add the hair, eyebrows, etc one by one using “select face”. It sounds a lot more involved than it really is -practice makes perfect! 🙂

Special mention goes to this thread by Joey Aboma, where Aine Caoimhe’s posts helped point me in the right direction:
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Copybot and recourse

I was IM’d on my grid about the copybot thing being talked about. A **lot** of innocent people in SL have had their reps ruined over false claims so I hesitate to jump into the fray. Particularly since I think I would be helping right-wing anti-FOSS ideologues (I know who you are) by getting involved.

But IP theft hurts Free, Libre software since it removes the element of choice (of how your creations are used). Creative commons items that are used against their license are victims too.

Free Software requires the rule of law to be enforced -copybot is an attack on that so it’s an attack on Free Software, too.

I’m not going to address the apathy about the subject I’ve experienced in the community -other than this one sentence written to acknowledge its’ existence.

The way to get copybotted stuff removed is by getting the creators involved.

There is no other way -none. Nor should their be; if you didn’t make it, you don’t know if it was given with permission, if it’s licensed or what.

“I saw it in SL, so it must be copybotted” just doesn’t fucking cut it.

In the late 00’s there was at least one fashion blog that made their bones by posting and encouraging false accusations of copybot.

A lot innocent people were hurt and driven out by that witch hunt.

The difference between opensim and SL however is that they could **afford** to lose those people. The free meta is on life support (the release of opensim came out when?) as it is. Moral issues aside (persecuting innocent ppl is bad, ok?) we can’t afford to lose mind-share because of a hysterical witch hunt.

We can’t abide brazen theft, at the same time we can’t allow anti-free-software ideologues to whip up a witch hunt that drives off folks whose only crime is not keeping track of their sources.

Our community will certainly come to a Bad End if we allow ourselves to dance to the tune of the pipers wanting to eradicate free content so that there the only content available is the content which they sell. If we allow that witch hunt to play out, those profits will come at the cost of undeservedly ruined reputations.


There is brazen theft out here, yes. When you see something brazenly stolen, look up the creators in SL: search and send out notecards (that means **log in** to SL; create an account if you need to) with the information they need -include the grids’ contact info.

The rest is up to the creators. After they’re told, apart from offering information or clarification, it’s not your fight -it’s theirs.

If YOU are an opensim creator being copybotted -open a blog, and document, document, document. With screenshots. Show each notice you send, show each response you get (document it if time -a month, etc passes without a response, too). Most grids will take down stolen content if the *creator* tells them about it.

Name and shame those grids who don’t (with PROOF).

There are constructive, concrete actions that can be taken -though at the end of the day copybot will be with us always; just as it is in SL. But joining an angry, thoughtless mob does nothing but hurt our community by hurting the innocent -so have a care, double and triple check before calling people out.

But once you’re sure, and have proof; name and shame.

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Saying “fuck it” again

The whole opensim scene has fallen to shit, infighting and general bozo-level stupidity. People are chasing out other people, and other people are just lashing out in blind stupidity.

There’s nothing good, and it’s completely fucked. I should have stayed away; I think this time I will (apart from seeing through Avatarfest, if Eryn wants to).

I have more than enough to do in SL, and if I need a sandbox I can always throw up an instance in a VM. I don’t need the rest of this drama,fighting, lashing out and general stupidity.

I handed Opensim Everything to Sunbeam Magic and left the group. For posterity’s sake, here’s my last post/rant.

Ok, I’m back to the conclusion that opensim in it’s entirety is completely fucked up and dysfunctional.

And a tremendous waste of time.

A tremendous waste of my time.

I’m on the verge of canceling avatarfest -but I think instead I’m going to wait a couple of weeks, talk to +Eryn Galen in person and go from there. She seems to be the only one whose interested, but after all the work she’s done (for the last three years), I owe her that much.

I’m out of this group, though and pretty much ignoring G+ (except for avatarfest-related business…and I do mean business; personal crap’s getting ignored too).

The community has fallen more and more into disarray since JCC left; it has no where to go but down. It’s become a ghost town, a wasteland of derelicts stabbing one another for that measly last dime.

I’m sick of it, I’m done with it. +Sunbeam Magic, the group’s all yours; enjoy!

Everyone else? See ya in the funny papers…

And included this picture:

What’s my prediction as I burn the map? That one by one grids will continue to peel off, mostly going broke. That spats will increase both in frequency and in viciousness. That as more moderate influences are driven off (Magnus Binder, Justin Clarke-Casey) more extreme and ill personalities will increasingly make the opensim scene an increasingly toxic and UN-FUN place to be.

Eventually, within five years; you’ll have a small band of bitter, hair-trigger and erratic hold-outs with everyone else having been driven off or having wandered off to new fields (sinewave space, etc).

Like any other boomtown turned bust, basically. There’s no need to see it through to the bitter end.

So I’m not.
Au revoir, Opensim.

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